He‘s giving you the “scenic route”..

Got the Spanish skills AND the confidence to confront him?


Learn Spanish rapidly through immersion and humiliation

Think of an embarrasing moment... it plays clearly in your mind doesn‘t it?

This game will teach you to recall Spanish with the same clarity and speed.

Toughen up - this is not the classroom.

This is the Big Bad World.


Realistic, branching conversations with consequences

Patience Points

Every person you meet has a Patience Level.

Some people are cool and will ignore your slip ups while others will pounce on every mistake and even enjoy tripping you up.

What you choose to say can completely change the course of the conversation for good or bad.

Yes you‘ll fail. But every time dust yourself off you‘ll come back stronger.

Traditional Methods

(Audio courses, Books, Classes, etc)

Learn at your own patchy pace: build your confidence and skills slooowly...if ever.
Bland roleplays with polite characters.
Repetitive, phoney accents will leave you confused in the real world.
Textbook vocabularly in linear scenarios.

The Big Bad Way

Brutal Immersion: Get thrown into the deep end, fight to sink or swim and learn super fast.
Practice with unhelpful and hostile characters.
A multitude of real voices from mumbling Colombians to Spanish speaking Asians.
Stressful, branching conversations with extremely useful Spanish.

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