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HTML5 Banner examples

We’ve been keeping tabs on all the emerging HTML 5 animation technologies that are touted to replace Flash, at least in the online marketing creative field.

Adobe Edge and Tumult Hype are the current leading apps in HTML5 Animation. Hype is what we have adopted here at Wukomi and although personally I prefer it over the current version of Adobe Edge, I think it will be left in the dust by Adobe within a year. Hype is definitely robust and innovative but the sheer development clout and dominance Adobe wields means it will either buy out and absorb Hype or just smush it like a fly.

The above MPU 300×250 pixel is a HTML5 banner example which was created in Hype. Development time was about 4 times longer than a similar ad made in Flash but we learnt a lot about how to animate with HTML5 and the limitations of it right now.

One big benefit for advertisers that HTML5 ads seem to have over Flash is that it will be more or less impossible to block a HTML5 ad…good for online marketers but bad news for most of the internet public!

And although most of the hype around HTML5 ads is focused around the mobile device compatibility and interactive rich media ad spots, I reckon it will play havoc with the online mobile navigation experience while the standards and practices evolve.

Contact us for your HTML5 Banner Advertisement project. We will be adding more HTML5 banner examples as we create them.




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  • Stuart 17 months ago Reply

    HI, love the McDonalds ad.

    I think you missed one of the biggest benefits of HTML5 banner ads over Flash is that HTML5 ads can display across all modern devices, including iPhone and iPad – this is a huge advantage for HTML5 advertising!

    We have developed an HTML5 Banner Maker web app that is doing really well now, the app is generating in excess of 1k banners a day for our subscribers, and the app is very simple to use and create a great looking banner in minutes. Yes it is targeted more at the novice webmasters with lack of coding knowledge etc.

    Take a look:

    Would be interesting to hear your thoughts :)

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