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Educational comic: The story of Inflation

Written by Charles Parnow and Illustrated by  American comic artist Al Wenzel, this free giveaway comic ‘The Story of Inflation’ is a beautiful example of an educational comic done right.

It manages to explain some fairly complex theories in a friendly and engaging way, I certainly learned from it!

I found this comic in the now long gone second hand bookshop in Rathmines in Dublin probably around 1999.

Apparently it is part of series of free educational comics issued by the Federal Reserve and this same comic has been redrawn and repurposed a few times since to try appeal to contemporary tastes but I doubt if they could even come close to the mastery of Al Wenzel. I love the way he draws eyes and chins.

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  • Hilary 18 months ago Reply

    Beautiful little comic. Yep, highly informative – if you have any more can you load them up? The style is so natural and fluid, nothing jarring about it considering the possible difficulty posed in explaining the subject matter. Just a lovely enjoyable read.

  • Bob 18 months ago Reply

    Hey Hilbo, no I have no more like these, you should make one to explain the current economic mess!

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