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Cool dude: Principe Diver


Biscuit headed skateboarding advertising characters

BOOYA!!!! Now that’s a spicey meat-a-ball! Principe Diver really takes the biscuit!

Skateboard and Cool Paraphernalia

Not only do we have a skateboard but also ROLLERBLADES! And there is a half pipe visible in the background too. Theres another skateboard up in the top right corner, giving a grand total of THREE SKATEBOARDS. Additional points for the backwards baseball cap and baggy urban trousers on the girl.


Attitude: Bad Boy or Certified Whack?

A bit too smiley. If he had just one eyebrow crooked it would elevate this piece from bland to edgy.


Artistic Merit

The art on this brilliant. The bold blue base/skyline keeps in line with the Principe logo and brand while the rest is biscuit coloured. I like the composition, to the left we have the excitement and to the right we have the visual facts by seeing the product in action. It’s very clever the way they incorporated the glass of milk and wheat into the image while at the same time showing the product being dunked into the milk. The only goof I can see is his hand but it’s understandable how tricky it is to tie all together.


Wukomi Wrap up

Top marks for this. The only thing missing from this would be sunglasses. It has everything else.


See here for the Introduction to the Cool Skateboard Dude Quest and an explanation of the grading system.




  • DirkD 18 months ago Reply

    Principe is Choco Prince? What does the text down in the bottom left say?

    • Bob 18 months ago Reply

      Yes Choco Prince/Prince Choco/Principe are the same brand, the text in the corner says “The new fun face of Principe”

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