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Cool dude: Max Energia


 Milk Advertising Character: Max Energia

This lively cat is part of a clever packaging and branding strategy where the dairy products for babies feature a cute kitten version, the tween focused yogurts and milks feature a cool teenage version like the above and then the regular milk features him all grown up and ripped like Liono from The Thundercats. 

Skateboard and Cool Paraphernalia

Wowzers. This character has it all. We have a BACKWARDS baseball cap, basketball AND basketball jersey over a t-shirt, sweat band and cool trainers. He also has something like a tied head band thing under his cap which combined with the other elements more than makes up for a skateboard.


Attitude: Bad Boy or Certified Whack?

He’s definitely street wise, energetic, healthy and his attitude is balanced perfectly between sporty and mischievous hoodlum. That tied headband thing just screams Compton.


Artistic Merit

Brilliant. This is one of the best character designs I’ve seen in packaging. The younger and older versions are also as tight.


Wukomi Wrap up

This character is a certified cool dude but not corny. Top marks. However, he’s probably too slick for what I’m searching for. I’m looking for characters that look lame and awkward. 


See here for the Introduction to the Cool Skateboard Dude Quest and an explanation of the grading system.


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  • DirkD 18 months ago Reply

    I believe that thing on his head is like the little thing Broady from the Wire used to rock You have the other verisons of him?

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